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[Amazing] Download - Add on waiting for SVIT file download 2.1

[Amazing] Download - Add on waiting for SVIT file download

  1. Admin
    Due to the growing demand of Amazing members for an add on to block file downloads and put the timeout into something like SinhvienIT. After a little trial and share with some of these sites I will share free [Amazing] Download.

    With add on you can:
    - Set the number of seconds wait to be able to download the file.
    - Attach the 300x250 banner on both sides.

    - Add on may conflict and cause errors if you are using paid system when downloading add on.

    Installation instructions:
    - Upload files
    - Upload files in the upload directory to the root directory of the site (peer to the index.php file).
    - Admin add importon file addon-amazing_download.xml

    Version 2.0
    - Optimize code again.
    - Fix the currently loaded error when loading the countdown timer.
    - Show file downloads.
    - Add a little responsive to view on mobile.

    Version 2.1
    - Show file downloads (fixed).
    - The article link contains the file attachment.
    - Can remove the addon from the article directory contains the attachment you want. This addon is available for downloading files from the Resource, provided that the resource file must be uploaded to Xenforo web site, no external link.

    amazing-download copy.jpg
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